Barn Restoration Electrical Contracting

We Help People Restore Barns

Wiring for a Historic Barn

Wiring a historic barn requires a new level of ingenuity. Wires need to be run while keeping the old look of the barn.

Lighting Installation

From recessed lighting to upgraded LED lighting, your barn restoration needs to have the right touch. We help you get it right.

Electrical Upgrades

If you are looking for small electrical needs on a barn restoration project, we can help you get it right. Every barn has unique needs.


Does your barn restoration project need maintenance, we can help keep your systems running day and night.

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emergency electrical services

Emergency Electrical Services

We want to make sure that your barn has power when you need it. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. With years of experience in electrical services for barn restoration crews, we can help you keep the lights on.
mill electrical installation

Restoration Electrical Installation

Old Mill Electrical Installation

Imagine turning an old mill into a home or workspace. We can help with designing the electrical needs for your mill.

Pole Barn House Electrical

Barndominions are the rage these days. Turn your existing pole barn into a home with our electrical services.

Safety in Paramount

A historic barn or mill needs the right kind of electrical system. The goal is safety while keeping the look and feel of the old.


Setup a generator to keep the power on your barn restoration plan. We help get it wired and ready to go.

Electrical Maintenance

Light Maintenance

Checking your lights to ensure everything is in order may not seem like much, but it can save money in the long run.

Receptacle Maintenance

Running out of receptacles? Tired of using an adapter? As commercial electrical contractors, we can help you there.

Wiring Maintenance

Checking for any frays or faulty wiring is something that should be done on time. We would love to make sure your wiring system is in order.

Safety Maintenance

A routine check for safety concerns could be what saves you injuries and headaches later.

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Our Electrical Installation Process

See Our Electrical Projects on Restored Buildings

For the past decade, we have assisted contractors and others in barn restoration and other electrical services. Here are a barn restoration electrical projects we have completed.

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