We Are Commercial Electrical Contractors in PA

What Are You Looking For?


Don’t let faulty wiring get in the way of doing business. Give us a call and we will fix all of your wiring issues.

Lighting Installation

From recessed lighting to upgraded LED lighting, we can install your lighting for you. You deserve the best for your business!

Electrical Upgrades

Ready to experience an upgraded office or warehouse? Allow us to help you with new lighting or upgraded outlets.


Sometimes all you need is a little maintenance on your existing system. We would love to help. Allow us to perform some routine checks on your systems.

commercial electrical services in pa
emergency electrical services

Emergency Electrical Services

We want to make sure that you have power when you need it. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. As commercial electrical contractors, we know how frustrating it is to be without power or have damaged equipment. Contact us today with any emergency electrical problems and we will create solutions.

Electrical Installation Services

Warehouse Lighting

Lighting a large and tall space can be challenging. Luckily we have the products and experience to tackle it.

Security Features

Now you can have eyes on your space with cameras. Check out the motion sensors as well to protect your business.

Safety Features

Never experience electrical issues from a surge again. We install surge protectors wherever you need them.


Back up your system with your very own electrical generator. It’s nice to have a plan in case of emergencies.

Electrical Maintenance

Light Maintenance

Checking your lights to make sure everything is in order may not seem like much, but it can save money in the long run.

Receptacle Maintenance

Running out of receptacles? Tired of using an adapter? As commercial electrical contractors, we can help you there.

Wiring Maintenance

Checking for any frays or faulty wiring is something that should be done on time. We would love to make sure your wiring system is in order.

Safety Maintenance

A routine check for safety concerns could be what saves you injuries and headaches later.

Our Electrical Installation Process

See Our Commercial Projects

We have been commercial electrical contractors for over 15 years! Here are some of our commercial projects that can show you the level of work we want to do for you.

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Our goal is to give you an incredible experience while ensuring that your needs are fully taken care of.