At Austin Electric we are known by our service. We have prompt, professional service when you need it most. Wether it be a light that just isn't working, or maybe you lost power in that last storm - we can help. We have a service tech that is on call or trucks on the road that are bound to be close by. With low service rates and fast service you can count on, rely on Austin Electric to take care of your service needs. 

For your safety.

- Do not remove your electrical panel cover because of the high amperage inside.

- Do not operate a backup generator without the proper equipment installed on your panel. 

Things to try before you call.

- Check the circuit breakers in all your electrical panels to be sure they are all turned on. 

- Check for any GFCI receptacles that might be tripped and need to be reset.

- Check to see if a new light bulb works in the fixture that isn't turning on. 

Services Include:

- Electrical testing. 

- Emergency power restoration. 

- Commercial load testing. 

- Ballast and bulb replacement. 

- And more...